Robert T. Butler III
(225) 304-4141
Denomination/Affiliation: Non-denominational
Comment: I am a non-denominational minister legally registered with the Clerk of Court in Baton Rouge.

John Byrne
(225) 284-2791
Denomination/Affiliation: Universal Life Church/pagan/heathen/secular
Comment: I am an Asatruar who is legally ordained in Louisiana via the Universal Life Church and have performed numerous marriages in ceremonies pagan, heathen, and secular. I’m open to working with you on whatever ceremony you choose and am glad to serve in whatever way you wish.

Rev. Dr. Boyce Clark

(225) 266-9835
Denomination/Affiliation: Universal Life Church

Thomas d’Aquin

(225) 614-7100

Mark Ebarb

(318) 210-9933

Lucas Gassen

(225) 362-7184

Jake Fontenot

(225) 329-3927
Comment: I am a registered officiant with the state of LA and am more than willing to officiate for people of all faiths and backgrounds. I aim to be heartfelt and genuine so as to properly celebrate anyone’s union.

Marsha Fowler

(225) 439-9520

Rev. Amanda Guerra
(859) 312-1213
Denomination/Affiliation: Non-denominational
Comment: I specialize in non-denominational legal unions.

Happy Life Weddings
Contact: Rev. Donna Fontenot

Dorothy Hardesty

(225) 610-8500

Rev. Vonnie L. Hawkins
(225) 278-1855
Denomination/Affiliation: Universal Life Church
Comment: I will work with you to create the memorable ceremony you desire!

Brianna Hawthorne

(225) 328-2454

De’Vannon Hubert

Denomination: Non-Denominational
Comments: I am a fully licensed and ordained minister with the American Marriage Ministries and registered with the Clerk of Court.  I am open to all religious backgrounds, relationship structures, and sexual orientations.  All are welcome.

Sarah Leanne
(225) 439-2812

Sonny Marchbanks

(985) 635-9426
Comment: I am an experienced officiant that takes all belief systems into consideration. I am experienced in writing vows with the couple and take great joy in doing so. Let’s personalize your wedding!

Rev. Keith Mozingo

(225) 636-8686

Barrington Neil

(225) 344-1704

Darla O’Connor

(225) 302-0766
Comment: I am an ordained minister, as well as a civil law notary. I am happy to perform civil and religious ceremonies. I would love to talk to you about your upcoming ceremony and assist in making it an extraordinarily special occasion.

Jarrett Roddy
(255) 573-6045

Sarah G. Roy

(337) 349-2510
Comment: I have been officiating weddings all over Louisiana since 2013.

Justin Russell
(225) 588-7411

Rev. Nina Russell

(225) 276-5841

Chris Schilling
(919) 627-2553
Denomination/Affiliation: Universal Life Church; secular ceremonies
Comment: I prefer to do secular ceremonies but will do whatever you want. I don’t charge anything for the service.

Dr. Michael Smith
Denomination/Affiliation: Universal Life Church

Patti Snyder

(225) 383-0345

Denomination/Affiliation: University Presbyterian Church

Ardene “Trisha ” Wright

(225) 614-7934

Comment: I am a licensed minister who respects the rights of all consenting adults to marry the person they love.  I have been married over 33 years and have a masters’ degree in counseling. In addition to pre-marital counseling, I love to write and can assist in writing vows. I have no denominational preference and my desire is to assist in making your wedding day special.

Reverend Brandon Davidson
(225) 978-9053 
Comment: I have been celebrating love in the LGBTIQ+ community for nearly 15 years with custom ceremonies. I am pleased to add legal wedding ceremonies to the services I offer!  I am happy to handcraft a ceremony just for you and your partner to help make your special day unique and based on your personal relationship.

Loryn Papania
Comment: First things first, congratulations on your new journey together! My wife and I married in September, shortly after it was legalized, and it was life changing. As it should be. I am a writer by nature and can work directly with you to customize your ceremony especially for the two of you. I am a fully licensed officiant in Louisiana, so no worries there either!

Min. Leslie A. Palmer
Comment: Non-Denominational 

Claire Sassic
Comment: Available in the Greater Baton Rouge area

Min. Marvin Anderson


La Officiant Services

(786) 361-6376

Katie Piper


All Parish Weddings

(225) 926-4320