About Capital City Alliance

Capital City Alliance is a community organization that for the past fifteen years has been dedicated to engaging, promoting, and advocating for the LGBT community in greater Baton Rouge. We believe in fostering a well-organized, well-informed, and well-connected LGBT community through educational programing, promotion of events of interest to the community, identification of LGBT-friendly resources and businesses, and effective advocacy for policies that positively impact the community.

We also strive to support the development of a strong and vibrant community of LGBT and allied organizations through our Community Development Program, which has supported organizations and projects including the Baton Rouge Crisis Intervention Center, Baton Rouge Pride Fest, Capital Area Alliance for the Homeless, PFLAG Baton Rouge, Pride 1 Baton Rouge, the Sexual Trauma Awareness and Response Center (STAR), Spectrum at LSU, the Louisiana Queer Conference, the Walls Project, and LGBT-created community theater.

In recent years we have extended this initiative to support the founding of Louisiana Trans Advocates, Louisiana’s only statewide transgender-focused social support and advocacy organization, and Equality Louisiana, the only statewide coalition of LGBT and allied college, local, regional, and statewide community groups united for equality.