CCA Thank You 2013

Throughout 2013, Capital City Alliance has worked hard to engage, promote, and advocate for the LGBT community in greater Baton Rouge. We have endeavored to provide a face and strong voice for the community, and have sparked initiatives that will hopefully make a difference in the lives of LGBT people in Baton Rouge and across the state.

Of course, none of our efforts and success this year would have been possible without your time, dedication, and financial support. We hope you will consider volunteering or donating to Capital City Alliance in the new year after considering all of the things your support has made possible in 2013:

  • CCA spearheaded a pioneering statewide poll with our partners showing overwhelming support for the fair treatment of LGBT people in employment and housing, and school bullying prevention.
  • Monthly 2nd Sunday Brunches have continued to help build community and introduce new members to the organization.
  • Over 300 participants, and 30 benefactors and co-sponsors, took part in our Second Annual Equality March following Pride Fest this past June.
  • CCA put on activities that directly enriched the community including a self-defense workshop with PKSA Karate and an LGBTQ financial planning workshop with Morgan Stanley.

This past year has certainly been a great success for Capital City Alliance and the greater Baton Rouge LGBT community! It could not have been possible without your support. Every donation goes directly toward improving and engaging our community, making Baton Rouge a more inclusive and rich place for LGBT people to live. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation of $15, $25, or $50 dollars—whatever you can afford—so that Capital City Alliance can continue making a difference in the new year to come.

Thank you for a wonderful year and your continued support!

Thanks for a Great Year!
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