LUSH Cosmetics is a company devoted to using its resources to promote a positive change in the world through charitable donations and campaigns. LUSH advocates for not only humans, but also animals and the earth itself through campaigns such as: Fight Animal Testing, Erase Bullying, No Nukes and Freedom to Marry… just to name a few.


Following in true LUSH fashion, LUSH Cosmetics Mall of Louisiana has been a strong, visible supporter of equality in Baton Rouge for the past few years, and now that support has become official as they make Capital City Alliance their Charity Pot partner! Charity Pots are filled with luxurious hand and body lotion and with every purchase, LUSH donates 100% of the price (minus taxes) to small grassroots organizations, such as Capital City Alliance.


Last Saturday, June 21st, a celebration was held in store to welcome Capital City Alliance and let the community meet the newest LUSH charity pot partner. The day was filled with treats, activities and advocacy. Capital City Alliance would also like to give a special thank you to Shop Manager, Lindsey Brou and Charity Pot Star, Brianna O’Rourke for making this all possible. All the “LUSHies” made us feel very welcome and we were moved by their continued dedication and support!


Capital City Alliance is so grateful for the support and commitment of LUSH Cosmetics Mall of Louisiana and we urge all of you to thank them as well. Stop by the store to offer your gratitude or thank them as the Third Annual Louisiana Equality March… We are positive you will be able to spot them!

LUSH Cosmetics Mall of Louisiana and Capital City Alliance Make It Official
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