This Wednesday, East Baton Rouge Parish Metro Councilmen John Delgado and Ryan Heck  are set to introduce a resolution before the Metro Council supporting a bill abolishing Louisiana’s unconstitutional Crime Against Nature law.  The resolution also calls upon Baton Rouge-area legislators to vote in favor of House Bill 12, sponsored by Baton Rouge’s own Rep. Pat Smith and Equality Louisiana. Although declared unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court over a decade ago, the Crime Against Nature law was still being illegally enforced locally as recently as last summer.

Capital City Alliance commends Councilmen Delgado and Heck for their leadership and recognition of the dignity and liberty of all Louisianans. The Crime Against Nature law is not strictly an LGBT issue; it applies across the board to all adults—men and women, gay and straight, married and unmarried. While disproportionately enforced against certain groups, the law infringes on the constitutionally-protected liberty of all of us. And although a Council resolution cannot directly effect the law’s repeal, passage of the proposed resolution would send a strong message to the Legislature that citizens of the state’s second-largest city value dignity and privacy.

For those interested in showing support for the resolution, the Metro Council meeting will be this Wednesday, February 12, at 4:00 PM (Meeting Agenda).  Anyone interested in speaking should complete and file a Request to Speak Form with the Information Coordinator near the podium before the meeting starts.

If you cannot make it to the meeting but would still like to express your support, below is contact information for each Council member (find your district). Alternatively, you can reach all twelve members by emailing

District Council Member Office Phone Email
1 Trae Welch (225) 389-5170
2 Chauna Banks-Daniel (225) 389-4699
3 Chandler Loupe (225) 389-5162
4 Scott Wilson (225) 389-5166
5 Ronnie Edwards (225) 389-5171
6 Donna Collins-Lewis (225) 389-5165
7 C. Denise Marcelle (225) 389-4691
8 Buddy Amoroso (225) 389-5168
9 Joel Boé (225) 389-4688
10 Tara Wicker (225) 389-5140
11 Ryan Heck (225) 389-5169
12 John Delgado (225) 389-4697
Baton Rouge Metro Council Poised to Support Repeal of Crime Against Nature Law
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