In January 2000, several members of the Baton Rouge business community convened for the first meeting of Capital City Alliance (CCA). Joe Traigle was one of the active leaders in the formation of the organization. At that time the organization hoped to focus on political and legislative efforts.

In 2001, the leadership of CCA recognized the need to be come an organization with a civic rather than political purpose and began to focus on community activities and communication with initiatives such as an LGBT friendly business directory. Under the leadership of Kevin Serrin, Board Chair, CCA began to move in the direction of becoming a grassroots education, advocacy, and social organization adopting as our mission:

To improve the quality of life for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) people and our allies in greater Baton Rouge through education, community, advocacy, and community building.

After adopting a new more comprehensive mission statement and upon completing a year of organizatoinal assessment and restructuring we went on to become a federally incorporated 501(c)3 not-for-profit. Since this time CCA has strived to be involved in all aspects of community life in Greater Baton Rouge to better serve the needs of LGBT people and our allies in the area. This includes promoting positive media portrayals, educating businesses leaders about inclusive employment practices, providing grainings for other community organizations and educational institutions about LGBT issues, working with LSU students to provide relevant service learning opportunities, advocating for policy improvements and governmental advances, building relationships with elected officials, civic leaders, and community organizations to collaborate when appropriate to further our organizational mission. Through the leadership of Elaine Maccio, Board Chair, we cemented our status as one of the leading LGBT local organizations in Louisiana through efforts such as holding the 1st Statewide Equality March in Louisiana history.

Under the current leadership of President, Kayla Mulford, CCA has shifted to a focus of community engagement with various social, educational, and advocacy events, including Donate for a Date, Holiday Adoption Project, Louisiana Loves, LGBTQ+ Wedding & Realtor Directory, Spirit Day: Geaux Purple, and Baton Rouge Pride March.  We have strived to support the development of a strong and vibrant community of LGBT organizations and leaders through our Community Development Project which supporting in various ways PFLAG Baton Rouge, Spectrum at Louisiana State University, Gay Advocates for Legal Equality at Southern Law Center, Baton Rouge Pride Fest, and the Metropolitan Community Church. In recent years we have extended this initiative to support the founding and health of Louisiana Trans Advocates, Louisiana’s only state-wide transgender focused social support and advocacy organization, and Equality Louisiana, the only statewide coalition of LGBT and allied college, local, regional, and statewide community groups uniting for equality. Our Community Development Project represents our strong commitment to focusing on movement building as opposed to organization building and to integrating collaboration and consensus throughout the organization.

CCA is a volunteer-run organization with a working board of directors and an active and energized volunteer staff that works tirelessly to advance our organizational mission.